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About Us

Our Role in Kiama

The Kiama State Emergency Service is a voluntary organisation working within the State Emergency Service Act of 1989 (as amended).

We operate within the Kiama local government area on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

We play the following vital roles in our community:


StormsStorms & Tempest

The Kiama State Emergency Service is the lead emergency agency in our local government area in times of severe storms.

We assist residents in the emergency repair of buildings after a storm. We rescue people trapped in buildings damaged by storms.

We assist residents to protect property from water damage during severe storms.

In August 2002. Kiama was hit by one of the largest wind storms ever recorded with gust of winds exceeding 100km/h. The unit received over 360 calls for assistance in the following couple of days. In Gerringong the wind was so strong that it blew a house off its piers. SES, NSW Fire Brigade & Rural Fire Service units from across the state were sent to Kiama to assist in the clean up.

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The Kiama State Emergency Service is the lead emergency agency in our local government area in times of flooding.

Flooding is rare in the Kiama Council area; however, in August 1998 the Kiama Unit undertook two rescues of drivers from partly submerged vehicles.

During the 1998 Wollongong floods Kiama SES supplied a number of rescue teams to assist the local unit.


Road Crash RescuePrimary Road Rescue Unit

The Kiama State Emergency Service is the first-response road-rescue unit between the Minamurra River and Broughton Village on the Princes Highway. The unit is accredited by the State Rescue Board.

Every rescue member participating in road rescue is individually accredited by the board. Rescue squad members have to be recertified after extensive examination by the board every three years.

The Kiama unit has represented the NSW SES in National Road Rescue Competitions in Mt Gambier as well as Australian Road Rescue Competition in Melbourne in May 2004.


VerticalVertical Rescue

The Kiama SES is one of a small number of accredited vertical rescue units in NSW.

The local Kiama area is dotted with a large number of sea cliffs, quarries, waterfalls and steep descents.

Rescue squad members train in the rescue of people and animals from heights and depths using abseiling, single-rope techniques.

Casualties are usually recovered after a fall using Larkin frames and cliff derricks.


Assisting Police with Land Searches

Land SearchKiama and its villages are bordered to the west by the Budderoo National Park and to the southeast by Seven Mile Beach National Park.

Kiama SES is fully equipped and trained for land-search activities.

The unit often assists police in both urban and bush searches for lost walkers, children and elderly people.

We are also called upon occasionally to assist Police with evidence searches at crime scenes.